Our Mission

We grew up on farms and want to help our small farmers and other vendors continue to sell their goods while we are "social distancing."  We also want to make sure that people who depend on farmers' markets are able to get the goods they are used to during this uncertain time.  We hope that FarmCart will help keep one small part of our economy humming along.

Vendor Information

If you are currently a vendor for this Farmers' Market, you will be receiving an invitation to sign up for an online store as part of this virtual farmers' market.  We are doing this to avoid the inevitable trolls who will request a store if we were to make the registration link public.

Once you have registered for your store, we will still need to approve it, just in case the registration link gets distributed.  ONLY vendors who have registered with this market will be allowed stores on this site.

Vendor Knowledge Base and Training

We are currently developing a knowledge base for vendors to learn all about:

  • Building your store

  • Payment Setup (Stripe, PayPal, Bank Account, Cash)

  • Inventory Management

  • Product Creation

  • Contributing Recipes

  • And much more...

Information for Farmers' Markets

If you are interested in using a website like this one for your vendors, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@farmcartnm.com.

FarmCartNM is currently a FREE service for Farmers' Markets everywhere.  All we ask is that vendors are given the option of supporting us through a nominal monthly fee.  A fee is NOT REQUIRED to participate.  This is our way of helping out during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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